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Resolution in the New Year ? be a more Effective Leader for your Law Firm

Are you missing out on the one key resource, which all effective leaders have?

A resource which is dedicated to ensuring that you excel and achieve your goals?

Coaching has seen a rapid growth in the last decade as a business essential, but it can be difficult to explain or quantify, as it can be so many things to different people. You could even say it is in the ?eye of the beholder?.? This is because coaching is a ?purposeful guided conversation? to support lawyers in achieving their goals ? personal or business.

There are several reasons why senior lawyers, with leadership and management responsibility, seek coaching. ?For a start, nearly all the lawyers who attend my leadership or management courses have not received any training in these areas.

This is strange given that we wouldn?t ask a lawyer to advise clients on a new legal area without providing training and an internal mentor (preferably one who has been trained in how to share their knowledge and experience in a way that imparts real value).

My clients find that coaching reduces their stress; they no longer have to struggle on, pretending to be proficient in areas where zero ? or insufficient ? training has been given. There is a lot of difference between classroom learning and dealing effectively with real life leadership, management and business challenges. Coaching assists lawyers to tackle these in real time.



Another reason that lawyers find leadership coaching useful is the changing nature of business and the legal world. The leader of a law firm is continually moving into unknown situations. This can be scary. It can impact self-confidence and/or lead to becoming a ?control freak? through micromanagement.

And so the pressure intensifies on lawyers to return to what they know best – their legal expertise!

The last thing a senior lawyer wants to do is admit that they need help ? they just hope they can hide their ?bewilderment? or overwhelm co-workers by focusing on billing targets. The higher the stress levels the more unproductive they will be and their stress is easily passed onto colleagues or devolved to their team.

Here I am reminded of the quote from Geoff Wild, Director of Law & Governance. Even though this appeared in The Lawyer magazine in 2007, the comment is still valid:

?Customers can identify with 92% accuracy which employees are poor performers. For every 1% of employees who are dissatisfied, 5 % of customers are unhappy. Dissatisfied employees are 20% less productive than satisfied employees?

So turn 2018 into a year where you do not have to struggle alone. Seek out focused, high-quality coaching support to enable you to lead (and manage) more effectively and achieve the financial success you want for you and your firm.

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Ann Page

Ann is a qualified coach and Top 100 lawyer with a strong background in leadership and management. She has taught nearly 7000 lawyers since 2003 and has been trained by the Coaching Academy. She holds a Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP) certificate in coaching. Ann is the founder of Yorkshire Courses for Lawyers. In 2017, she created and launched a specific business skills programme for senior lawyers called the Business Brilliance Blueprint. More details of this programme are available on Ann?s website.

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